Friday, April 27, 2012

Fork and Talk review

It would seem that everything moves too fast for us these days, as if we were on a carosel with an endless ride pass. Seeing all the opportunities and taking none, because we are so busy . I often pine for just a moment to stop and get off of the "soccer mom-part-time work and full time homemaker-go round"! My friend Stacie helped me grab the "brass ring" and jump off last saturday to a room full of beautiful ladies sharing crafting ideas and oohing! and aahing! over the complimentary items that EK Success provided to everyone in attendance this wonderful company , who by the way handles the martha stewart lines of glitter and inking stamps that will "knock your socks off "were so generous with all of the items they included is our bright yellow logo'd I will have a years worth of scrapbooking and embroidery to do as well as my favorite thing in the whole world ..glitter!!!! I especially liked all of the border punches and Parisian themed scrapbook items. My mind is already clicking off all that I will do when I have a few moments to my self that is.... I will be posting some of the items in my bag as well as some of the highlights from the Fork and Talk event soon . (As I am new to this blogging and need a tutorial on adding my pics and sourcing links) so please stay tuned. Thank You to the coordinators from Craft Gossip for a truly pleasurable "lost in time" event. Thank you Craft Gossip and EK success for making this carosel rider renewed and ready to hop on again with lots of things to look forward to in the crafting world .Thank you to my friend Stacie de Klerk for helping me to stop and take time to do something fun, you glitter my world.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Looking forward to the weekend and long overdue hang time with a special friend. Friends make everything that much more rich , enjoyable, and memorable. Be it movies , crafting or dining out , we find a way to find the art in the room and that just so color the light seems to shed on the table in the corner. There is a shorthand between us that is so familiar and comfortable as we peruse things together , we know what the other is thinking as we both will lay eyes on the object and find infinite possibilities in which to transform the oddball object into objects de' art. Our craft time is hampered by our busy lifestyles but we always manage to find time to share. So everyone give your friend a call and share some time even if it is just coloring in color books . For friends color your world and special friends are the rainbow glitter.:) look at the world through Amelie Eyes today you will see things you never saw before.:)